Transfer Risk

CertFocus takes the risk of doing your business off your shoulders:

  • Transferring risk DOWN to your vendors: Because CertFocus ensures EVERY vendor, subcontractor or tenant meets your compliance requirements – by checking coverage, additional insured wording, and any waivers of subrogation – the burden of compliance returns to each vendor. You eliminate errors before they can create problems, and your risk managers reduce review time.

In addition, with the option to require that vendors pay directly for CertFocus services when entering their certificates in the system, you encouraged compliance AND transfer costs. You effectively manage certificate compliance at NO COST.

Making each vendor, subcontractor, supplier or property occupant responsible for compliance assures proper document filing, resulting in fewer uninsured claims. This total protection, top to bottom, is your assurance of CertFocus’ effectiveness in reducing CIO and related document compliance problems.