Transfer Costs

CertFocus automates the complete compliance process, improving efficiency and reducing administration costs. With CertFocus, you can:

  • Transfer costs to vendors. CertFocus can bill the cost of certificate submission and approvals directly to vendors, subcontractors or suppliers or to a construction manager or institution to bill further. You effectively achieve CertFocus protection at no cost.
  • Reduce the need for full-time employees. CertFocus cuts the time spent in requesting receipt, review and processing of forms. Many companies find our solution so effective, it can reduce the need for full time employees and their training, yet improve compliance, project after project. Reduces down time, training costs and wasted human resources, letting you better address seasonal issues or irregular volumes of incoming work.
  • Cut capital expenses. No long term commitment. With no software and no hardware to handle, CertFocus does away with the capital expense of developing and maintaining your own in-house system. No wasted development time – CertFocus is ready NOW, proven and tested.
  • Achieve cost savings: Reduce the time spent by staff in document review and cut paper-intensive work. Factors requiring attention are automatically highlighted, to cut review time, identify non-compliance quickly, and eliminate costly overtime. CertFocus allows for reliable annualized budgeting. And reduces paper expenses by storing documents electronically.