CertFocus tackles time-intensive operations – and automates processes, speeds review, and cuts laborious oversight, to free your risk management staff to focus elsewhere. You work more efficiently at every level – and achieve greater productivity even as you assure better compliance.

Lift Burdens from Risk Management
CertFocus can reduce or eliminate the sheer volume of certificates you handle. Processing, requesting, review, storage… all can be efficiently, effectively managed by CertFocus’ proprietary processes and state-of-the-art SaaS solution. By leveraging our technology and our dedicated staff, risk management can return to its primary function of protecting your organization.

The Efficient Solution
CertFocus is channeled to a single objective: process, automate and manage your Certificates of Insurance and related documents. To take on the clerical functions that slow you down. And do the job better, more effectively, and quicker, start to finish. We provide account managers that deliver unmatched levels of service. Know your business and its needs. And marry this expertise to our world class customer service & technology solutions to deliver industry leadership in COI management.

Ready to Go
CertFocus offers a variety of service levels to integrate with your operations. We can integrate with your accounting system, to provide a seamless workflow. The benefits in speed, accuracy, protection and productivity can start immediately.